Guide to Residence Hall Living 2012-2013

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Undergraduate Student Association (SA) , 350 Student Union, North Campus, (716) 645-2950

SA, the primary student government for undergraduate students, funds many student clubs and organizations and also sponsors concerts, comedians, and other campus-wide events.

Athletics, 130 Alumni Arena, North Campus, (716) 645-2286

The Division I UB Bulls compete in the Mid-American Conference (MAC). All sports are open to full-time students who qualify athletically and academically. Admission to home athletic events is free to students by showing their UB Card.

True Blue

UB’s most ardent fans never miss a game and are always ready to paint themselves blue to show their spirit. This group hopes to become known as “the most feared student section in the MAC!”

Recreation & Intramural Services

Recreation & Intramural Services offers opportunities for students to engage in physical activities, including: Fitness centers, indoor track, indoor pool, racquetball, squash, and tennis courts, pro-shop (equipment/locker rentals and merchandise), pickup basketball games, intramural sports, physical education classes, sports clubs


Residence Hall Programs

There are many, many activities, clubs, events and programs for students at UB. Within the residence halls and apartments alone, more than 3,000 programs are conducted each year. This is one advantage to living in the residence halls and apartments that you will not find living off campus. Your resident advisor is required to coordinate educational and community-building programs each month. These educational programs may focus on student development issues concerning the transition to campus life, conflict mediation, relationships, self-defense, etc. Community builders may include things like intramural sports, ice cream socials, etc. Also, each hall or quadrangle offers cultural theme programs and opportunities for community service.

Leadership Opportunities

Residence Hall Association., 157 – 160 MFAC, Ellicott Complex, North Campus, (716) 645-3872

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government for on-campus residents and is open to all students living on campus in the residence halls. RHA offers opportunities for leadership and student advocacy along with a great way for students to meet and interact with others who live near them. Each residence hall and apartment complex has its own hall council, which RHA oversees. RHA is directed by a body of students who make up the Residence Hall Senate. The senate represents fellow residents by voicing and addressing their concerns and assisting with the planning of programs. The Senate consists of two representatives from each of the hall councils.

The RHA executive board includes:

President - Chairs meetings, represents resident students to Campus Living administration and university committees.

Vice President - Acts in president’s absence. Plans or implements programs and activities for on-campus students.

Treasurer - Creates and manages budget. Maintains financial records.

Secretary - Takes minutes, tracks attendance, maintains records.

National Communications Coordinator - Keeps RHA updated on NACURH & NEACURH policies/issues. Coordinates delegations to regional and national conferences.

Hall Council. Each residence hall has an elected student government body that performs various functions within the hall. It represents students on various issues, from room rates to maintenance priori ties, develops programs for residents, and facilitates communication through meetings, newsletters, etc. Residence Hall Council (RHC) is made up of representatives and alternates from each floor. A residence hall director serves as advisor. A president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, two RHA senators, and Common Area Damage representative are elected for this council. Here are just a few of the benefits of being involved in the Residence Hall Council:

1. Gives you a voice in Residential Life decisions.

2. Helps you develop leadership, organizational, and programming skills.

3. Helps you meet people.

4. Teaches you how the university works.

5. Demonstrates to future employers your initiative to get involved.

6. Helps build community.

Peer Judicial Board (PJB). Sometimes campus residents have problems living by the University’s standards for behavior. If students violate residence hall rules or policies, they may choose to have their case heard by the Peer Judicial Board after first meeting with the Residence Hall Director. PJB is a panel of peers who listen to evidence and decide if the students are responsible for the alleged violation. Any student may apply to become a member of a PJB provided they live in the halls during the time of their PJB appointment, and they are in good judicial standing. Contact your Residence Hall Director if you are interested.

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Employment Opportunities

Employment in Residence Halls

Resident Advisor (RA). The RA position offers an opportunity to develop leadership, programming, time management, and planning skills, and to help your fellow residents. RA recruiting starts early in the year. Informational meetings are held at the beginning of each semester. Interviews, which include both a group and an individual interview, are held during the spring semester. Integral to the RA selection process, candidates must enroll in and attend a noncredit RA class during the spring. Students may serve as RAs for two years. Talk to your RA if you’d like more information.

Student Assistant (SA). Each residential area has student assistants who work in the central office, area offices, mailrooms, and do weekend cleaning and trash removal. Student assistants are responsible for such things as general office work, checking students in and out of the halls, delivering the mail, and working in the package rooms. Watch for signs advertising these positions.

Community Assistant (CA). Hadley, South Lake, and Flint Village apartments all have CAs who are often selected from the previous year’s RAs. They assist with the day-to-day operations of the apartments, provide programming, and serve in an on-call rotation. They receive a housing stipend in exchange for working in the office.

Academic Assistant (AA). Supporting UB’s Residential Learning Communities, these students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and live in the residence halls. They provide tutoring, mentoring, and assistance for students in learning communities.

Tutors. Free tutoring is provided by upper-division students in many freshman and sophomore level courses. Tutors must have a 3.3 GPA in subject areas they tutor and a 3.0 overall GPA. Tutoring is available in the Blake Center (Ellicott), Jones Center (Governors) and Goodyear Academic Success Center (South Campus).

On-Campus Employment

Dining Services. Campus Dining & Shops provides the dining services for our residential halls and offers a wide range of employment opportunities for students. For current openings, visit or Campus Dining & Shops office at 146 Fargo.

Career Services. Career Services helps students achieve lifelong career success through self-assessment, career exploration, and job search techniques. The office serves both current students and UB alumni in any major, from enrolled students with a clear career plan, to students who are unsure about their career path, to alumni wishing to make a career change. Services include: Career counseling, job and career fairs, on-campus and part-time job listings, career and life-skill workshops, BullsEye – online job and internship database, resume and cover letter critiques, career library, Meet-a-Mentor Program, on-campus interviewing with employers, exploration of majors, graduate and professional school options, and assistance with graduate and professional school applications.

Other opportunities. Many departments at UB student assistants. You may want to check with your academic department to see what is available.

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Campus Services

Personal Safety

Because both Buffalo and Amherst are part of a metropolitan area, it’s important for students to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being. Crime prevention starts with being aware of your environment and avoiding situations that could make you vulnerable to crime.

The safety and security of residence hall students is a primary concern for University Residence Halls and Apartments staff. UB has numerous safety programs to provide the most secure living and learning environment possible. As a student within our residential community, you can help ensure a safe and secure environment.

University Police

Bissell Hall, North Campus

Emergencies: (716) 645-2222

Non-Emergencies: (716) 645-2227

Campus Emergency Response and Text Messaging
University Police are the first to respond to all medical, fire and criminal emergencies on campus. For more emergency information and resources, visit: Students living off campus should call their municipal emergency authorities (Buffalo, Amherst) at 911.

Every UB community member should be registered with Emergency Text Messaging - it could be the difference between life and death in a campus emergency. UB’s emergency personnel use the system to immediately text-message warnings or advisories to registered users’ cell phones. Registering is FREE and EASY at

Students should call University Police for all on-campus emergencies at 716-645-2222 (or 829-2222) or pick up any emergency blue light phone to be immediately connected to campus police. The University Police serve the UB community 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

Emergency Blue Light Phones

Emergency Blue Light Phones are located conveniently around campus in these locations (** indicates Campus Housing)


Alumni Arena East Entrance (facing Stadium)

Audobon at Lee entrance

Audobon at Hamilton Road

Baird Lot in the Northeast Corner

Beane Center

Bus Stop South of Bissell Hall

CFA rear between building and lake

Coventry Loop at Alumni

Center for Tomorrow Lot

Child Care Center Bus Stop

Clemens North facing Commons

Creekside Village Near Building 1**

Creekside Village Near Building 7**

Creekside Village Near Building 15**

Creekside Village Near Bridge**

Crofts Hall

Fargo Quad at Lake LaSalle**

Fargo Parking Lot**

Flickinger Court near Building 2-4**

Flickinger Court near Building 10-14**

Flickinger Court near Building 16-22**

Flint Loop

Flint Road at Audobon Parkway

Flint Village near Building 302**

Flint Village near Building 306**

Flint Village near Building 308 & 309**

Fronczak on Putnam

Frontier Road (near parking area)

Governors Complex – west side**

Governors Lots C and D

Govenors Bus Stop**

Govenors E Lot

Hadley Village North Entrance**

Hadley Village South Entrance**

Hadley Apts near building 103-104**

Hadley Village near building 109**

Hamilton loop @ Ketter

Hochsteter at Putnam

Jarvis Lots A and B

Kunz Stadium

Lake LaSalle Parking Lot

Lee Bookstore lot

Lee Enterance at Jarvis Lot

Park Hall between Jacobs A & B parking lots

Park Hall on Putnam

Putnam Way West Side

Quad Area Southwest of Student Activities Center

Red Jacket Lot**

Richmond B Parking Lot Berm**

Richmond Lot**

Saint Ritas Lane and Frontier Road

Slee Lot B (south)

South Lake Village near Community Building**

South Lake Village near Building 204**

South Lake Village near Soccer Field**

Spaulding Parking Lot Berm**

Special Events lot East

Special Events lot West

Stadium Southeast

Student Activities

Wilkenson near Kanazawa Island **

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Acheson Hall at Rotary Road

Acheson Hall near Parker Parking Lot

Allen Hall at the Main Bailey Parking Lot

Biomedical Education Building at Hayes Rd

Clark Hall facing softball fields

Clement Hall main entrance **

Diefendorf Annex facing Abbott Hall

Diefendorf Annex near Sherman & Rotary Rds

Farber Hall facing Bailey Ave

Goodyear Hall main entrance **

Hayes Rd near Pritchard Hall

Pritchard Hall main entrance **

Hayes Annex C facing softball fields

MacDonald Hall main entrance **

Main Circle near the bus stop

Schoellkopf Hall main entrance **

Sherman Parking Lot facing Sherman Hall

Squire & Harriman Halls courtyard

Main Bailey Parking Lot north of Clement Hall

Main Bailey Parking Lot at sidewalk to Goodyear Hall

Michael Hall near Butler Annex B

Sidewalk north of Townsend Parking Lot

Wende Hall near Townsend Parking Lot

Emergency telephones are also located at the main entrances to each Ellicott Quadrangle, Greiner Hall, the Governors residence halls, and the south campus residence halls (Goodyear and Clement).

Crime/Violence Prevention

Bicycle Registration

Biking is the transportation alternative that infuses fun and healthy energy into getting to your destination. UB has bike racks for more than 600 bicycles on its campuses. Register your bike today, for free.

Community Policing

University Police are assigned to designated areas of campus to build familiarity with the groups in those areas. UB police officers meet with campus groups such as residence hall and apartment students, faculty, and staff, to address immediate security issues or develop strategies to maintain a safe campus environment.

Night Host & Door Locking

University Police conduct Night Host and Door Locking programs in the residence halls, apartments and the Medical School.

Operation ID

Available to all students, faculty and staff. Protect valuables with a permanent ID number that is accessible by police departments nationwide.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), 220 Winspear, 829-2401

UB’s EHS department will conduct safety inspections, hazard assessments, training and educational programs to ensure resident and worker safety at UB. They are responsible for biosafety, chemical safety, fire safety/prevention and more.

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