Si porque a tus plantas ruedo

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TitleSi porque a tus plantas ruedo
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By Julio Flórez

Si porque a tus plantas ruedo
como un ilota rendido,
y una mirada te pido
con temor, casi con miedo;
si porque ante ti me quedo
extático de emoción,
piensas que mi corazón
se va en mi pecho a romper
y que por siempre he de ser
esclavo de mi pasión;
¡te equivocas, te equivocas!,
fresco y fragante capullo,
yo quebrantaré tu orgullo
como el minero las rocas.

Si a la lucha me provocas,
dispuesto estoy a luchar;
tú eres espuma, yo mar
que en sus cóleras confía;
me haces llorar; pero un día
yo también te haré llorar.
Y entonces, cuando rendida
ofrezcas toda tu vida
perdón pidiendo a mis pies,
como mi cólera es
infinita en sus excesos,
¿sabes tú lo que haré en esos
momentos de indignación?
¡Arrancarte el corazón
para comérmelo a besos!

Translated by José Wan Díaz

If because at your feet I fall
submissive like a servant,
and timidly, almost fearful
I beg a look from your eyes;
if because in your presence
I become ecstatic with emotion,
you believe that my heart
is going to break in my chest
and I will forever be
of my passion a slave;
You are mistaken! You are mistaken,
fresh and fragrant rosebud,
I will break your arrogance
like the miner breaks the rocks.

If to a fight you provoque me,
I'm willing to do battle;
you are foam, I am sea
that trusts in its rages;
you make me cry; but one day
I will also make you cry.
And then, when surrendered
you offer all your life
asking forgiveness at my feet,
because my anger is
infinite in its excesses,
do you know what I'll do
in those moments of indignation?
I will tear out your heart
and smother it with kisses!

By José Asunción Silva

Si en tus recuerdos ves algún día
entre la niebla de lo pasado
surgir la triste memoria mía
medio borrada ya por los años,

piensa que fuiste siempre mi anhelo
y si el recuerdo de amor tan santo
mueve tu pecho; nubla tu cielo,
llena de lágrimas tus ojos garzos;

¡ah! ¡no me busques aquí en la tierra
donde he vivido, donde he luchado,
sino en el reino de los sepulcros
donde se encuentran paz y descanso!

Translated by José Wan Díaz

If in your memories some day you see
amidst the fog of times past
the sad remembrance of me appear
half-erased now by the years,

think that you were always my yearning
and if the memory of love so sacred
moves your heart; clouds your sky,
fills with tears your pretty eyes;

ah! don't search for me here on earth
where I've lived, where I've struggled,
instead seek me out in the kingdom of the dead
where peace and rest can be found!

My Mexican Pride

By Cherry Saffarie

Roses are red
Mexicans are brown
thats my race
so don't put it down! !

My Mexican pride
I will not hide
My Mexican race
I will not disgrace

My Mexican blood
flows hot & true
My Mexican peeps
I will stand by you

thru thick & thin
till the day we die
Our Mexican flags

Always stands high
I yell this poem
Louder than all the rest.
cuz every one knows
Mexicans ARE THE BEST! ! !

Mexican Pride in my mind
MEXICAN BLOOD is my kind
So step aside and let me through
Cuz its all about the Mexican crew
Life sucks and then you die
but if your Mexican
You die with pride! ! ! !

Mexican Machista

By Cynthia Y. Hernandez

He is the Mexican Machista
The Mexican man that crossed the border in 1976
The man that came to work in the USA and to become an American citizen
But even when he became a citizen, he still kept his Mexican tradition alive

He keeps his wife at home to cook and clean while he's at work
HE keeps his daughters strictly protected not letting them live life on their own
he's the Mexican Machista that wants his food on the table when he gets home
The one that has his tres mujeres do everything he knows he can do

His Mexican ways make him believe that the men just work and do nothing at home
He has his tres mujeres at home to cook, clean and wash his clothes
To him it would be a disgrace to have to do something at home having his tres mujeres en la casa

even though he crossed the border and left his Mexican home, he's still a Mexican man with a lot of Mexican pride
He's a Mexican Machista in the American world

He's the Mexican Machista that will never change his ways
He's the Mexican Machista leading his son the same way
He's the Mexican man that I call dad
And the Mexican Machista that will always get his way

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