Annex i-background on the Governorates & Districts of Kuwait

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TitleAnnex i-background on the Governorates & Districts of Kuwait
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  • Faisal & Jamal Photography Portfolio, 2008. FJ Photography Portfolio-Projects. Available online at:

The pictures below, posted by the Migrants Rights Organization on their website, are taken from a photographer on Flickr with the pseudonym “Rebel Against Injustice”, who posted the photos below (images 6-40) of low-wage labourers and their housing conditions in what is believed to be Jleeb El Shyoukh (the specific area in Kuwait is not specified but commentators note similarities to the Jleeb El Shyoukh area) as well as the comments below:

They are living in horrible conditions with 9 or 10 people in a small crowded room. These Abds (slaves) are not giving proper protective equipment either. It is common to see them working in flipflops sandals when steel toed boots are required. They are not even given cleaning supplies to clean their rooms. Many of these pictures had to be taken with a flash because of poor lighting or in some cases no lighting at all. Usually the hallway of these buildings had no lights. I had to go undercover to get these photos. Taking photos of these forced labor camps is strictly forbidden. Outsiders are not allowed in.

The workers themselves were happy to help me expose their suffering however their faces have been blacked out for their protection. They did not want to be seen on the media in public for fear of being beaten, their food taken away or some other type of punishment.”

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