Press release linking Nubian heritage with contemporary European Jewellery design

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TitlePress release linking Nubian heritage with contemporary European Jewellery design
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Linking Nubian heritage with contemporary European Jewellery design

Azza Fahmy pushes the boundaries of contemporary design by collaborating with the Delegation of the European Union in Egypt to launch the “Enhancing the Culture of Contemporary Design and relative Design Art”, a co- funded project which will be implemented in Aswan in Upper Egypt.

Through think tank workshops in Aswan - and inspired by the Nubian heritage - the participants will concentrate on collecting materials, developing ideas, experimenting, and transforming inspirations into a collection of contemporary jewelry. They will be guided by well recognised designers/schools in the field of contemporary jewelry from Europe.

“The aim of the project is to link our heritage to contemporary design, by doing so we will allow mutual enrichment to evolve through a network of designers, experts, and students from Egypt and Europe. This network will be built up through four workshops that will seek to enhance the awareness and command of a design culture based on a strong heritage in design and the special atmosphere existing in Upper Egypt” said Azza Fahmy, Chairwoman and Designer at Azza Fahmy Jewellery.

The Delegation of the European Union is co-funding this project within the framework of its annual Local Call for Proposals for Cultural Activities. These calls are annually published and they aim to contribute to the work undertaken by cultural associations and operators in Egypt. With its support the European Union wants to promote cultural diversity, exchanges between artists in the region and to enhance the Euro-Mediterranean cultural dialogue. 28 April 2011, the EU published its Call for 2011: Revolution meets the Arts! With 220,000 Euros the European Union wants to promote cultural cooperation and encourage a culture of Human Rights. Projects should seek to enhance Egyptian contemporary artistic production and distribution, and its connection to regional and European artistic trends. All the projects will take into consideration recent political developments, build upon them, and promote creativity diversity and freedom of speech.

Azza Fahmy will share her research and experience during the workshops and will dedicate a specialised library of design books to the benefit of the participants. In addition, an e-platform will be developed to disseminate the activities and workshops of the design centre to ensure the sustainability of access to information and exchange of experience between Egyptian and international schools/ designers. A final exhibition will be organised towards the end of the project with the art pieces created during the workshops and a competition with a financial prize will be awarded for the best jewelry creation.

This project will take place in Aswan, Upper Egypt; a place that boasts a huge potential in terms of design creation. The project banks on the extreme variety and richness of the indigenous traditional, popular and savant Egyptian artistic expressions related to jewellery design and associated arts.


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