Training Course on Measuring ict access and Use by Households and Individuals

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TitleTraining Course on Measuring ict access and Use by Households and Individuals
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Training Course on

Measuring ICT Access and Use

by Households and Individuals

Amman, Jordan

May 30 – June 3, 2011


Background paper describing the status of ICT statistics collection and dissemination in Oman by Information Technology Authority (ITA)

  • Introduction:

Statistics play a critical role in every fields of life e.g. health, education, industry, business, politics, etc. Nowadays, statistics is widely used in the process of planning and researches for the aim of development. Oman’s Information Technology Authority (ITA) as an organization is highly interested in utilizing statistics and developing its own database serving the community by better planning and distinct services as an outcome. ITA dedicated the Department of International Relations and Information to deal with statistical issues. ITA works intensively to provide the vital statistics of ICT in Oman where various surveys have been done by ITA aiming at exploring the status of ICT access and use by different sectors such as households and individuals, business, education and public Institutions.

ITA has been cooperating with UN and Global Community to develop unified indicators and definitions of ICT sector. With this regard, ITA strictly follows “Core ICT Indicators” that have been developed by the members of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development.

Since its establishment in 2006, ITA has planned, executed and collected ICT statistics in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure and Access indicators

  • ICT Access to, and use by Households and Individuals

  • ICT usage in Business

  • ICT Indicators in Education

  • ICT Usage in Higher Education Institutions

  • ICT Usage in Government

  • Household Surveys in Oman:

Several household surveys were conducted by the NSO in Oman since 2005. The most frequent and important one is the household expenditure and income surveys which were conducted every yearly for 5 years starting from the year 2006. The sampling frame was drawn from the updated National Census 2003 list of Households in Oman where a sample of 5000 households were interviewed face-to-face using the PDA devices. The sampling method was stratified two-stage sampling design with the first stage units (FSUs) as the enumeration areas, as demarcated in 2003 Population and Housing Census. The second stage units (or the ultimate stage units) are households. These surveys covered the entire country.

The second household survey is the labour force survey which is conducted every two years. This survey uses the same sampling methodology as the above survey with much larger sample size.

  • ICT Surveys Embedded in Household Surveys in Oman:

The household expenditure and income surveys conducted in 2007 was accompanied by the ICT Access to, and use by Households and Individuals which was conducted by NSO in cooperation with ITA. This survey included the following indicators:

1. Proportion of household with a radio

2. Proportion of household with a TV

3. Proportion of household with telephone:

  • Fixed telephone

  • Mobile telephone

4. Proportion of household with computer

5. Proportion of individuals who used a computer

6. Proportion of household with internet access

7. Proportion of individuals who used internet

8. Total number of internet users

(Note: for the questionnaire, we have prepared a new version of the questionnaire as we were planning to conduct the survey earlier this year; I will submit the new version during the meeting)

Moreover, the NSO has included five indicators in the National Census 2010. Those indicators are:

  1. Households with fixed telephone line

  2. Households with mobile cellular telephone

  3. Households with computer

  4. Households with internet access

  5. Individuals who use internet

All the surveys conducted by Oman (ITA) are in line with the core ICT indicators manual and ITU/UNCTAD manuals in conducting ICT surveys. Oman is cooperating with UNESCWA for guidance in conducting the ICT surveys.

  • Future Surveys:

ITA is planning to conduct a stand-alone ICT Access to, and use by Households and Individuals during the year 2011. This survey was planned and prepared to be executed early this year in cooperation with the NSO but delayed due to administrative reasons.

ITA is very keen to share its experience and cooperate with the ICT Statistics division at ITU and other international organizations and member countries and we at ITA looking forward to more cooperation, guidance and knowledge acquiring in this field.

International Relations & Information Department

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