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TitleI grateful Acknowledgments…
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In Honor of Reverend Kerry Lupkey

Kirkwood United Methodist Church

In Memory of Alice Luther

Virginia Altrup

In Memory of Oscar Luther

Virginia Altrup

In Memory of Cecelia Lutton

Maurita Lutton

In Memory of Fred Lutton

Maurita Lutton

In Memory of James Lydon

Carl and Charlotte Smith

In Memory of Barbaree Lyon

Bob Eigenrauch

In Memory of Dolores Mahler

Carol Cusumano

In Memory of Salome S. Mahon

Barbara Dite

In Memory of Sandra L. Manzo

The Manzo-Preston Family

In Memory of Mary Marin

Tommy and Eileen Hubbard

In Memory of Patricia Markham

Helen Cordes and Family

Jim and Lisa Markham

Shirley Paulus

June Wagoner

In Memory of Keith Marquart

Melinda Marquart

Jim and Delores Plummer

In Memory of Mary Marshall

Hazel Morris

In Memory of Bernice S. Martin


Carol Graham

Carol Martin

Kenneth and Keri Martin

Ivan and Jane Moser

Mike and Re-Re Noelke

Arthur and Alice Schmittler

Alita Schorfheide

Jeff and Janelle Stamm

Marcia Stamm

In Honor of Kenneth and Keri Martin


In Memory of Emmanuel A. Martirez

Luz Martirez

In Memory of Nathalie B. Marty

Ronald and Priscilla Kosednar

Rosemary Medley

St. Louis University

Clarence VonTalge

In Honor of Terry Mason

Perry and Penny Willmore

In Memory of JoAnn C. Matreci

Larry Matreci

In Memory of Raymond A. Maurer

Marilyn Maurer

In Honor of Margaret Maus

Margaret Maus

In Memory of Nickolaus Maus

Margaret Maus

In Memory of Lee Roy Maxey

Mary Lou Maxey

In Memory of Barto S. McAfee

Ronald and Shirley Haake

Janet McAfee

The St. Louis Cord Blood Bank

In Memory of Dr. Christopher E. McCarthy

Dr. Robert Curtin and Dr. Laura Gardner

Heart Specialty Associates

Carol Schmieder

In Memory of Robert E. McClay

Jim and Pat Morrison

Ray and Barbara Valentine

In Memory of Augustine McConnell


Anheuser Busch Employees Credit Union

Joe and Sandra Badalamenti

Jan Boergadine

Danae Charalambous

Mary E. Factor

John and Lillian Henrichs

Lloyd and Geraldine Riney

Tom Rueschhoff and Eunice

Glenn and Karen Schubert

In Memory of Carl B. McDaniel

Chris, Lisa, Brittany, Ryan,

Lauren and Andrew Graf

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Santiago

In Honor of Patrick McDaniels

Roadside Systems

In Memory of William McDonald

Laverda McDonald

In Memory of Mary J. McGauley

Terry and Christine McGauley

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert C. Steiniger

In Memory of Vera J. McGhee


In Memory of Robert McGroarty

Mary Jane McGroarty

In Memory of George McKay

Michael and Kathleen Tustanowsky

In Memory of Helen McKay

Michael and Kathleen Tustanowsky

In Memory of Richard J. McKinley

Jeanne Moss

Kathy Willhite

In Memory of Anne McMullin

St. Anthony's Ortho Team Operating Room

In Memory of Joyce McMurry

Elizabeth Lehr

In Memory of Amuel Medley

Mark and Lisa Murray

In Memory Eugene Mees

Jo Ellen Leeke

Dorothy M. Mees

Walter and Barbara Weekley

In Memory of Richard M. Meinz

Kenneth and Julia McLean

In Memory of Jeanette Melber

James A. Melber

In Memory of Angie Merenda

Cal and Joan Yeckel

In Memory of Delores Merritt

Judith Merritt

In Memory of Oliver C. Metzger

Marie A. Metzger

Clifford and Gloria Underwood

In Memory of Virginia R. Meuser

Cheryl Ryffel

In Memory of Ambrose Meyer

Steve and Julia Nutter

In Memory of Elsa Meyer

Kurt and Cindy Boehm

Bill and Beth Farmer

Health Information Management

Roland and Marilyn Meyer

Dominic and Susan Noce

Betty and Bob, Sue and John, and Bea Wegener

In Memory of Lorene Meyer

505th DET 1

Bernice Becker

Dave and Sheila Clewis

Friends of St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation

Richard and Mary Haack

Lisa Holland

Dennis and Edna Mader

Evlyn Mayer

Tim and Diane Murphy

Ron and Sandi Northrop

Eric and Jennifer Olson

Dot Schillinger

Lisa Schraut

Joyce Wentz

In Memory of Patricia Meyer

Steve and Julia Nutter

In Memory of Raymond Meyer

Mike and Karen Meyer

Pat A. Meyer

In Memory of Mary Milano

Bud and Cathy Reinhold

In Memory of Helen E. Miller

Donald and Lenora Chambers

Frank P. Van Ness

Patricia Van Ness-Gloeckner

In Memory of Thomas J. Miller

Betty and Bob, Sue and John, and Bea Wegener

In Memory of Tony Miller

Charles and Kathy Bonte

Sue Busby

Peggy Cooley

Covenant Seminary One-Step

Health Care Family Credit Union

Richard and Mary Henderson

Shirley Kessler

Metro HQ Friends

Henry and Genevieve Ourth

John and Betty Ruple

Thomas Sehr

Southwest Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

St. Louis County Library

Raymond Uetrecht

Westport Pools, Inc.

In Memory of Betty A. Mino

Roger and Barbara Hastey

In Memory of John "Jack" Mischel

Brian Mischel

In Memory of Ann Mitchell

Dana and Kathy Musgrove

In Memory of James R. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Huskey, Sr.

Nadine Shinabargar

In Memory of Oliver L. Mitchell

Dana and Kathy Musgrove

In Memory of John S. Modelski

Julie A. Bochat

Arlene Broeker

In Memory of Ruth O. Moder

John L. Ziegenhein & Sons Undertakers INC.

In Memory of Denise Moe Maimone

Caryl Obrecht Crahan

In Memory of Gerald Moeller

Virginia Moeller

In Memory of Raymond Monahan

Marilyn H. Monahan

In Memory of Joseph P. Monterosso

Jeannie Bachner

Michael and Dolly, Aunt Augustina,

Uncle Phil and Sammy

Joseph and Charlene Gentile

Jeff and Amy Moreno

Joe and Anna Phinney

In Memory of James D. Montgomery

Richard and Helen Beckley

Dale and Madelyn Hill

Karen Huth

John and Nicole Lansford

Elizabeth Montgomery

Raymond and Sandy Montgomery

Herman and Thelma Westrich

In Memory of Frank C. Monti

Jim and Ruth Dozier

Dolores Gianino

Melvin J. Wagner

In Memory of Avril Moore

Paula Ankney

Donna Kay Baietto

Boone County School Media Librarians

John and Elaine Bowie

Carol Jean Crossley

Kim Danaher

Steven and DeAnn Jacobs

Judith Kamper

George and Barb Krieger

James and Ginger Kurten

Lunch Bunch

W. Scott and Beverly A. Pollard

Gene and Kathleen Schwarting

Patricia and Frank Zavadil

In Memory of Charlene D. Moore

Eugene and Mary Moore

In Memory of Dot Moore

Mary Ann Fehrman

In Memory of Dwight E. Morga

Joyce L. Morga

In Memory of Michael Morgan

Veronica Conley

Randall and Jane Cosby

Friends from Quickoint

Noel and Mildred Goggin

Jerrel and Shirley Lewis

Mike and Marilyn Lupo

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mastus

Jim and Dolores Miller

W.T. and Maude Morgan

Frank and Donna Opfer

In Memory of Larry W. Morice

Helen Morice

In Memory of Adele E. Morris

Charles Benoist

Sue Filip and Debbie Hurd

Deb Hamell

Leslie and Patrick Johns

In Memory of Billy J. Morris

Joe Plattner

In Memory of Arnold E. Morrison

Catherine Hardaway

Nancy Mager

Robert and Patricia Mahoney

Jim Saraceno

Jean Smith

Tim and Michelle Smith

St. Louis Lodge NO 5 I. O. O. F.

James and Michelle Stratil

In Memory of Rosella M. Moser

Steve Bauer

Sue Bellows

Janet Copley

Mark and Wanda Hoehne

Len and Abbi Murray

Susan Shields

In Memory of Mark Mrozinski

Steven and Laura Swain

In Memory of Anita Mueller

Irma M. Outman

In Memory of Annalu Mueller

Molissa Harms

Pat Lanning

James and Edith Long

Steve and Ruthanne Long

Raymonda Parris

David and Anne Pavlik

Stephen and Berna Schroeder

In Memory of Frances B. Mueller

Virgil Cox

Friends of St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation

Karl and Karen Markl

Sandy, Jackie, Susie and Judy Family

In Memory of Joseph A. Mueller

Verna Jo Mueller

In Memory of Nicholas J. Mueller

Audrey R. Mueller

In Memory of Virginia Mueller

Mary Ann Barkey

In Memory of William J. Mueller

Richard and Juanita Margold

Philip and Millie Stanton

In Memory of Kathleen J. Muhlke

Richard and Georgia Korte

In Memory of Doris M. Muick

John and Judy Malpiedi

Specialty Retail at Brown Shoe, Inc.

In Memory of Michael Mullen

Kathi Pondoff

In Memory of Dale L. Muller

Mary Patton

In Memory of Bernice Munie

Frances Cooney

In Memory of Joseph R. Murabito

Thurman and Deborah Kilcrease

The McCormick Family

Alvin and Mary Nichols

James and Mary Jane Sandler

Denny and Sharon Sienaski

Babe Spinale

Donald and Patsy Uchtman

In Memory of Carol Murphy

Maurice and Marie Noellsch

In Memory of Darlene Murphy

JoAnn Dryton

In Memory of Harry G. Murphy


Richard Brand and Marie Cuccia-Brand

Daugherty Systems

Chris and Mary LoCigno

Rick and Nancy Miller

In Memory of Norman "Murph" Murphy

Paul and Mary Pat Bernsen

Dennis and Janet Dolan

Murph Solari

In Memory of Lee Myers

Gene and Otti Konold

Hugh and Maurine Myers

Pat Myers Lock

Mary Walters

In Memory of Donald C. Naegeli

Todd, Kim, Ryan and Jared Hasty

Martha Lane

Patty Lynch

In Memory of Anna Nagel

Carol Reitz

Joanne Vasquez

Audrey M. Weisenhorn

In Memory of Barbara D. Napoli

Patty Bartell

Al and Sue Czachowski

Greg, Catherine and Jessica

Berl and Joan Katz

Dawn Miller and Family

John and Alicia Napoli

Pam Stratton

Mary Sutter

Maryjo W. Thornburgh

Dave and Debby Weindel

In Memory of George R. Naumann

Virgil and Harriet Naumann

In Memory of Wanda R. Neal

Debra Winkeler

In Memory of Carlos A. Negron

Dr. Ivonne L. Negron

In Memory of Laurel M. Nelson

Raymond Nelson

In Memory of Marjorie A. Nicolai


Barnes, Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende, INC.

Nancy Cash

Thomas C. Clark II

William and Alice Creamer

Jim, Tom and Tim Graham

Glenn and Maureen Heitmann

Jane Hotze

Mike Jokerst

Gary and Carleen Kramer

Ken and Becky Lilly

Meramec Valley Early Childhood Center

Gregg and Cheryl Mueller

John and Dolores Myers

Bob and Ann Noland

Stuart and Mary Ann Popp

Robert and Janice Quick

Pam, Mary, Katie, Beth and Dr. Jain

Mike and Barb Wilton

In Memory of Josephine M. Nicoletti

Lloyd and Connie Evitts

In Memory of Donald Niemeier

Isabel Ceriotti

Celene Hanley

Joe Plattner

Edward B. Stevens

In Memory of Harry Niewoehner


Dr. Eugene Adelmann

Tom and Cathy Ahillen

Bill and Barbara Ahlbrand

Albert and Nancy Borzillo

Robert and Eva Butenhoff

Thomas and Ruth Cobb

Constance Dickemann

William and Glenda Finnie

A. James Froesel

Mary Hammer

Laverne Jaudes

Wilb and Claudette Karcher

Edwin L. Langenberg

Lois Laudenslager

Carol Obermeyer

Barbara Ottolini

Bob and Helen Purcell

Questors Mason Jars Chapter

Sunset Ford

Skip and Nancy Williams

In Memory of Fred Norris

Christopher and Deborah Wynn

In Memory of Pamela K. Norris

Gary, Vicki, Brett and Brenda Anderson

The Bradley Family

Cliff and Sue Gaddie

Linda Hare

Linda Havens

Neal Kern

Mavis and June King

Frank and Janie Musto

Gary and Karen Roberson

In Memory of Virginia Norris

Christopher and Deborah Wynn

In Memory of Ruth Nunley

Ann Aldrich

Bernie Bomba

Carlton and Linda Brown

Bernard and Evelyn Lepsky

Beverly Mayer

Dorothy Micnheimer

James and Catherine Micnheimer

Linda Muessig

Virginia Nesslen

JoAnne O'Neill

Kay Reed

Roger and Peggy Ricks
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